On Veterans Day, we remember those who have sacrificed to protect and serve our country. To honor them, here is the story a from Flagstaff about World War II veteran who shined a light during a dark time — and the return of a father's lost comic book.
Arizona Veteran, Now Deployed To The Classroom, Creates Military History Class
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APM Reports: Soldiers For Peace
During the Vietnam War, roughly one in five GIs actively opposed the conflict. Many servicemen and women came to believe they were not liberating the country from communism but acting as agents of tyranny. In the combat zone, they rebelled against their commanders' orders. At home, they staged massive protests.
17 minutes ago
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Discusses The Need For Civility
For many, civil discussion and a knowledge of civics and American history are a combination required to move the nation forward and preserve its traditional institutions. That involves bringing sides with disparate views together, even as they disagree.
1 hour ago
AZ Rejects Plan To Use Groundwater For Palo Verde Station
The state Department of Water Resources has rejected a proposal from APS to use groundwater in the Buckeye area to cool the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.
1 hour ago
BBC Look-Ahead: Trumps Impeachment Hearings
All eyes will be on Washington, DC this week as the U.S. House begins public hearings in their impeachment inquiry intro President Donald Trump.
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Boas: The 20 Year Anniversary Of Tempe Town Lake
The Show regularly checks in with Editorial Board of the Arizona Republic to talk about the big issues facing the state and the region — featured in the newspaper’s Viewpoints section.
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Italian Holocaust Survivor Faces Threats After Calling For Investigation Into Hate
"This is a real crisis for all of us, of all the system, of all the democracy," says the head of Rome's Jewish community. "That means that she must be protected from the hate as it was in the past."
As SpaceX Launches Dozens Of Satellites At A Time, Some Fear An Orbital Traffic Jam
SpaceX and a rival company are rushing ahead with plans for constellations of thousands of satellites, but regulators might not be ready.
Hong Kong In Tumult: Man Is Set On Fire Hours After Police Officer Shoots Protester
Two shocking incidents of violence mark a day that saw police use tear gas and water cannons and protesters throw bricks and Molotov cocktails.
'Badass': The One Word That Has Become A Lightning Rod For Many Female Chefs
In her new book, Charlotte Druckman asks over 100 female chefs and food writers if there are any words or phrases they wish people would stop using to describe them. One word was a bit of a surprise.
Many Americans may have forgotten that Veterans Day began as a commemoration of World War I veterans. NPR's Kathleen Rushlow remembers her grandfather, who served in the 12th Machine Gun Battalion.